Teacher Susan writes on whiteboard while students at Columbia Academy for Learning sit and listen
Student raises hand in class at Columbia Academy for Learning

Elevate Learning

The CALE School

We are passionate about all children having access to the best instructional resources. It’s about partnering with anyone in the sphere of education in an effort to elevate the learning opportunities and outcomes for all students.

Columbia Academy for Learning and Enrichment (The CALE School) is a place where we encourage kids to be kids while also helping them reach their full academic potential.

We are a whole-child approach to education which means we have built our school to engage in student-centered teaching and learning while also caring for the mind and body.

Primary Academy: Junior Kindergarten (age 4)-3rd Grade

Intermediate Academy: 4th grade-8th grade

High School: 9th-12th grade (Opens in fall 2024!)

Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten are offered as a full or half-day option. We intentionally keep our class sizes small and place a strong emphasis on our positive and collaborative culture. All CALE students will thrive in an environment that sculpts a love of self, others, and the community at large.

CALE School

Columbia Academy for Learning and Enrichment

Learn more about The CALE school at our website, www.comocale.com.

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