Our Story

Our Why

Our commitment to education started over two decades ago as classroom teachers, culminating today through the creation of CALE Education and Company.

Our journey has taken us from the classroom, to building and district leadership positions, to work as reading specialists and certificated dyslexia practitioners. Throughout this journey, we have witnessed the full spectrum in educator quality and capacity. These experiences have confirmed that education is unequivocally the door to a child’s future. It is through this lens that we felt inspired to do our part to support student success, and CALE Education and Company was born.

Through enhancing the instructional knowledge of all in the sphere of education, we, the owners and educators of CALE Ed. and Co., have established a three-pronged approach to ensure all students have access to the very best in learning opportunities: professional collaboration through consultation and workshops, The Tutoring Center at CALE, and The CALE School.

Our Story Today

Passion for Professional Collaboration

At CALE Education and Company, it is our desire to support any student, educator, or district that would benefit from meaningful collaboration to deeply impact student learning. At CALE Ed. and Co., we achieve this mission in a variety of ways.

For our colleagues working in the arenas of public and private education, we are qualified and committed to developing capacity around best instructional practices, systems development, and implementation. This commitment requires student-centered and data-driven decision making within a building and district culture that is collaborative and relentless in the pursuit of all students achieving at high levels. As practitioners that have successfully implemented all facets of these systems, CALE Ed. and Co. is exceptionally equipped to provide onsite consultation to support teachers, building leaders, and superintendents as they navigate this work. In addition to onsite consultation, we offer workshops at CALE Ed. and Co. that are rich and robust in their content. These workshops develop the skills and practices necessary to not only enhance capacity and knowledge, but to simultaneously ensure successful implementation. We have created vast partnerships with leaders in our field to ensure we deliver workshops that are deeply relevant to student outcomes, and address the litany of initiatives, regulations, and requirements facing classroom, building, and district level professionals.

The Tutoring Center at CALE

Commitment to Individualized Learning

As practitioners, we truly love our role in educational development through workshops and consulting; however, our commitment to creating the best opportunities for learning does not stop there. We have never lost our passion or drive to work directly with young learners. At CALE Ed. and Co., we believe all children must know how brilliant they are. Through offering a boutique tutoring center, we are able to ensure all children are receiving exactly what is needed to feel confident in all their learning endeavors.

CALE Education and Company is deliberate in our commitment to ensure every child, teen, or adult has access to whatever fulfills their needs as a learner. This commitment means that we offer remedial services to fill learning gaps across all subject areas. We use research-based assessments to determine exactly what deficits our learners possess, and the next best steps in learning for each individual along his/her learning continuum. In the area of reading, specifically, this means we adhere to researched-based instruction that follows the science of reading principles. These principles include explicit instruction in the five core areas of reading, including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. This commitment to serving the individual also means we offer tutoring sessions that are more enrichment-based in nature. If exercising the mind is something that your child is passionate about, then we want to support that desire, as well. Tutoring through CALE Education and Company provides the space, resources, and instructors to support the desired outcomes of all those whom we serve.

Students at Columbia Academy for Learning sit and listen in classroom
Students learn word structure at table at Columbia Academy for Learning

The CALE School

Continuous Pursuit of Educational Excellence

The final component of CALE Ed and Co that perhaps best illustrates our commitment to high-levels of learning, is The CALE School. The CALE School ensures that we never lose sight of the passion and commitment that first lead us into the field of education: the amazing students and families whom we serve.

The CALE School is a small lab school that supports the learning of students in grades junior kindergarten through 8th grade. The school provides us the opportunity to continuously learn, grow, and develop our skills as practitioners. It is our belief that being a leader in education means that we must be committed to always researching, developing, and perfecting our craft as teachers. It is within the sweet walls of The CALE School where we have been blessed with a space to grow as both leaders and teachers. If you are learning about us today from the perspective of a practitioner, The CALE School is where you can see all facets of the Science of Reading in action. It is where you can see true standards-based instruction happening every single day. It is where you are able to see high-yield instructional strategies being delivered by highly qualified teachers. Ultimately, The CALE School is what gives us credibility in our work as consultants.

If you are learning about us today as a parent, The CALE School will show you what individualized instruction in learning truly looks like. It makes no difference to us if your child has special learning needs, or is considered to be gifted- we require that all students take an active role in their learning. As a parent, this means you will know exactly where your child excels and what the next best steps are for him as a learner. You will see first-hand how children respond when high-expectations for learning are in place, scaffolded with the appropriate support and interventions when necessary. All students experience the benefits of small, personalized class sizes. As a parent you will witness a strong school community that supports the social/emotional needs of each child and implements a strong service learning initiative. At The CALE School, it is our goal that all students understand they are brilliant and can achieve high-levels in learning. We want our students to understand they can do hard things, and then feel the satisfaction and pride when those goals are realized.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about CALE Education and Company. We look forward to partnering with you in your educational endeavors. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can better support your work!

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