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At CALE Education & Company, we believe in assessing children to know exactly what skills need additional support. We will assess the five components of reading, which include phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Spelling will also be incorporated into our lessons for those that need this applied skill. For math, we will support young learners in the areas of Conceptual Understanding, Procedural Fluency, Strategic Competence, Adaptive Reasoning, and Productive Disposition.

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What Our Parents Are Saying

Students at Columbia Academy for Learning and Enrichment sitting at a table in a classroom, One girl raises hand.

Noticeable Progress

“CALE Ed & Co has been a gift to our Family! Our Daughter has a Dyslexia diagnosis and when our Family relocated to Columbia, we were apprehensive that we would find a Tutor that could meet our daughters needs in multi-sensory reading support. We found CALE Ed & Co from a referral and from the first conversation, we could see her passion for education, specifically reading, from her years as a Classroom Teacher, Instructional Mentor, and Wilson Certified Practitioner. CALE Ed & Co has worked diligently to meet our daughter where she is in a one-on-one and small group tutoring environment. We have seen noticeable progress in our daughter's reading skill and confidence. Her Classroom Teachers and Reading Support Teachers at School have also noticed her skill and confidence progress. We regularly receive updates from CALE Ed & Co on her progress and always know where she is on skill so we can also support her at home. Reading tutoring is a financial investment. However, the skill and confidence progress that we have seen makes it worth it tenfold! Our Daughter would not have made the progress that she has without CALE Ed & Co!!”

Student raises hand in class at Columbia Academy for Learning

Her Progress Is Showing

“My daughter started at the bottom of her class. She has been taught the reading tools to make her more confident and fluent, and now, she’s right where she needs to be. She’s turned a chore of reading into something she really enjoys. Her progress is showing at school and her teacher is very impressed. I can’t thank CALE Ed. & Co. enough."

Kid Quotes

“It’s really fun and I like seeing my teacher every Monday and Wednesday to practice reading and writing.”

“I’m getting closer and closer to learning to read on my own.”

“I have problems with b and d and p and I really like tutoring because it challenges me to get better at reading.”